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Lewis & Clark Program Coming to Cultural Heritage Center

Historian Brad Tennant will present a program entitled “Sexual Relations and the Lewis & Clark Expedition” at 2 p.m. CDT on Sunday, Sept. 22, at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre.

Tennant’s program will include the cultural implications of the sexual relations that took place between members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and native populations, the impact of sexually-transmitted diseases and post-expedition paternity claims.

There is no fee to attend the program, but standard admission fees apply to anyone wishing to go through the museum galleries before or after the program.

“The Lewis & Clark expedition left a significant footprint in the history of South Dakota and the fledgling United States,” said Jay Smith, museum director for the South Dakota State Historical Society. “That footprint had both immediate and long-term impacts that deserve study, and Dr. Tennant will provide insights into a topic not often discussed outside academic circles – but a topic that demands attention, if we are to truly understand the full measure of the history of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.”

Dr. Tennant is an associate professor of history at Presentation College in Aberdeen. In addition to his teaching assignments, Tennant is an active researcher, writer and presenter on a variety of state and regional topics. He is a member of the South Dakota State Historical Society, Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, “Encounters on the Prairie” Central South Dakota Lewis and Clark Chapter and several other local, regional and national history organizations.

Dr. Tennant also serves as president of the South Dakota State Historical Society’s board of trustees.

The South Dakota State Historical Society is a division of the Department of Tourism. The Department of Tourism is comprised of Tourism, the South Dakota Arts Council and the State Historical Society. The Department is led by Secretary James D. Hagen. The State Historical Society, an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is headquartered at the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre. The center houses the society’s world-class museum, the archives and the historic preservation, publishing and administrative/development offices. Call (605) 773-3458 or visit for more information. The society also has an archaeology office in Rapid City; call (605) 394-1936 for more information.

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