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Lawrence Fox and Governor Bushfield with The Saturday Evening Post with Mount Rushmore Magazine Cover, February 24, 1940

Interviews recorded today will help capture the history of tomorrow

ORAL HISTORY PROJECTS are a powerful tool for meaningful learning about a member of one's community. Interviews often reveal personal, social, economic, or cultural factors that affect a person's experiences, perspective, and identity. Oral histories can bring a human element to historical texts and scholarly works. As we now have less formal ways of documenting history, this method of collecting and preserving history is becoming increasingly important. 

Funds raised through HVHV will kick off a three-year Oral History Project by the SD State Historical Society to research and professionally interview South Dakotans whose personal experiences will highlight essential parts of our state’s history, with a commitment that more than half of all interviewees being women in South Dakota.

GOAL $350,000

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