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Stock / Securities

Gifting stock / securities (to include stocks, bonds, government securities, and mutual funds) has been an easy and preferred charitable gift tool for many donors. Gifting appreciated stock can provide a valuable tax advantage to both the donor and the Foundation. Before making this valuable gift, please contact the South Dakota Historical Society Foundation to discuss how the transfer can be accomplished. The Foundation maintains a brokerage account to receive the transfer and hold the stock until it is sold.


Your gift of stock in XYZ Corporation has a cost basis of $2500 and a market value of $5000.


1. The donor will pay no capital gains tax on the $2500 increase in value of the stock if held more than one year.

2. The donor receives an income tax deduction for the increased market value.

3. The donor can remove the stock from their estate and reduce future estate taxes.

4. The donor provides a valuable benefit to the SD Historical Society Foundation.

Any illustrative examples are for demonstration only and all donors should consult with their tax professional for specifics. The actual donation amount is valued on the day gifted at the average trade price on the day the gift is received by the Foundation.

Transfer procedures for all DTC Eligible Securities:

Delivery to DTS Clearing 0164, Code 40. FBO: South Dakota Historical Society Foundation. Account #3924-2751.

Physical Delivery of Securities:

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. ATTN: Transfer of Accounts, PO Box 52013, Phoenix, AZ 85072

Please call (605) 773-3458 or email us at for further assistance.