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SHOP NOW! » Books » Country Congregations: South Dakota Stories [Paperback]

Country Congregations: South Dakota Stories [Paperback]
Country Congregations: South Dakota Stories [Paperback]
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Gathering Together in Faith and in Life.

These true tales were collected from people who knew that the country congregation was more than a gathering for worship. The regular assembly made possible a more intimate sharing of life. It was a bond that held community together.

A sequel to the South Dakota Humanities Council's very popular One-Room Country School, Country Congregations offers insightful glimpses into past and present rural cultures. It will at once educate, amuse and enchant.

What People Say about Country Congregations:

"A great read! At first I picked a story here and there, but finally gave in and read it cover-to-cover. Twice!"

"It belongs in the collection of anyone who seeks a connection to our prairie roots."

"My fondest memories as a child growing up in South Dakota revolve around the weekly Sunday gathering. I can still smell the hot biscuits coming out of the oven after service."