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Dakota Style Savory Bacon Kernels
Dakota Style Savory Bacon Kernels
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Whether you snack on Dakota Style kernels by the handful or you sprinkle them on your salad or favorite dish, your body and mind will thank you! Their crunchy and flavorful seeds are so delicious; you might just eat the whole bag. But around here, indulging feels good again because you know you’ve got a healthy alternative compared to other snacks. Their sunflower kernels are: gluten free, have 0% cholesterol, zero trans fat, and are antioxidant rich. They are also a leading source of Selenium (cancer fighting), Copper (keeps bones healthy), Magnesium (calms your nerves), and Vitamin E (makes your skin glow). Not hungry enough to eat the whole bag? The resealable packaging allows you to come back and enjoy them later

Sold in 12 oz resealable bags.