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Broosters Dakota Cuisine Cookbook [Hardcover]
Broosters Dakota Cuisine Cookbook [Hardcover]
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Who Says Pheasant Isn't Fine Dining? Not Us!

In South Dakota, we take our pheasant seriously. Finally, there's a cookbook for people who feel the same--Brooster's Dakota Cuisine Cookbook. If you're a hunter (or you're married to one) the recipes inside will transform pheasant into fine dining, guaranteed! Bruce and Kim Campbell share the secrets that have made their entertaining so successful, everything from recipes to advice on preparation to fun facts about the Dakota pheasant. And Bruce's stories about growing up with a shotgun in hand, hunting pheasant since he was a boy, are sure to warm the heart of hunters everywhere. Whether you're cooking for family and friends or entertaining on a grand scale, Brooster's Dakota Cuisine Cookbook includes everything you need to know.