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Completing The Circle
Completing The Circle
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Sneve, a Lakota Sioux Indian, is best known for her children's books about Sioux life and culture. In her latest book she tells the story of what she calls "the neglected feminine half" of her family. The author spent several years researching records and interviewing relatives and now tells of her great-grandmother's grandmother, Shots through the Breast, who was a mixed-blood Ponca, and Shots through the Breast's mother, who was taken captive by an enemy band of Crows, reared as a Crow woman, and eventually escaped and returned to her Ponca tribe. Sneve then follows the family through succeeding generations up to the present. This is storytelling at its best as Sneve combines history, legend, and autobiography to create a loving look at a fascinating people. Twenty-three black-and-white photographs are included. 6" x9", 121 pages