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Purse-Trimstyle Buffalo
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Purse-Trimstyle Buffalo
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Our Trim Style Purse has been designed to lay flat against your side. The shoulder straps are fastened to the back side of the purse rather than on the centerline of the gusset. This gives it a sleek feel, letting it sit perfectly on your shoulder. A smart looking, solid brass, center bar buckle is attached to the straps. This allows you to easily adjust the length. If you’re a man hankering to buy your women a gift, this purse covers the bases! It is medium sized & wide enough to easily hold our buffalo French Clutch Wallet. Inside, you will find two interior pockets; one for a cell phone and the other containing a vinyl card case. We didn’t forget you carry keys and coins! The Trim Style sports a snap out leather key ring and snap coin pocket. We go to great additional expense to put a finish on the back side of this beautiful leather. This allows our Trim Style Purse to be made entirely of buffalo leather. No fabric lining; it wears out far too quickly! The Trim Style Purse is our best selling medium sized purse! 7 x 2 x 8 in