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Dakota Style Sunflower Seeds (2 Flavors)
Dakota Style Sunflower Seeds (2 Flavors)
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When it comes to jumbo sunflower seeds, it takes more than just sun rays to make it right. That’s why Dakota Style's hands are dirty and boots worn. After the harvest, it’s all about dressing up natures finest ingredients. Their jumbo sunflower seeds are soaked in brine water, roasted to perfection and seasoned while still warm – giving every seed skillfully mastered flavor and ultimate cracking satisfaction. In addition to their savory flavors, our seeds have: 0% cholesterol and zero trans fat. They are also made in a nut free-facility so you can go nuts. Not hungry enough to eat the whole bag? The resealable packaging allows you to come back and enjoy them later.

Sold in 5.5 oz bags. Available flavors are: Roasted & Salted and Dill Pickle.