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Arcadia Book - Gregory and Charles Mix Counties
Arcadia Book - Gregory and Charles Mix Counties
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In 1804, Lewis and Clark navigated the Missouri River by keelboat, exploring the river border between the two future counties of Gregory and Charles Mix. Their discovery and exploration of the territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase unleashed the movement west and its subsequent settlement. The area, first described in exploration journals as rich in vegetation and wildlife, remains a scenic wonder.

Since Lewis and Clark's exploration, the area has had its share of interesting history. Using over 200 historic photographs, Gregory and Charles Mix Counties awakens the area's past and highlights some of its most unique attributes. Spanning two centuries, Native Americans, traders, explorers, military, riverboat men, settlers, farmers, ranchers, and dam builders have left their mark on the diverse cultural and historical legacy of the region. From the creation of the Fort Randall military post and the opening of the Rosebud Reservation, to the building of the Fort Randall Dam, author Jan Cerney chronicles the area's past.