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World's Largest Roundup - 1902
World's Largest Roundup - 1902
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The major reason for the 1902 Roundup was to clear the trespassing cattle from the Reservation open range, returned cattle to the original owners; sorted by cattle brand, and to pay the requisite grazing fees. Rosebud reservation Indian agent Mr. MaChesney aggressively pursued the legal paperwork of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty; supported by the United States congressional action and President Theodore Roosevelt to carry out the federal edict. D.L. McLane, Rosebud Reservation Chief Clerk, was appointed by McChesney to implement the 1902 Roundup plan. The fledgling South Dakota Stock Growers Association provided the services of organizing the ranchers and logistics of removing the cattle.

Between thirteen and sixteen of Agent McChesney's reservation roundup wagons; headed by wagon-boss Jack Wipple, included approximately 1,000 cowboys, cooks and Reps with nearly 10,000 horses. they met with the gathering herds east and south of the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in the waterways and grasslands of the Keya Paha, Niobrara, and The Missouri River while seeking the mega-roundup area at the forks of the Big White River and the Little White River.