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.....Picturing the Past 15th Anniversary Edition
.....Picturing the Past 15th Anniversary Edition
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“Whether you are an avid reader of Great Plains history, a lover of architecture, or a student of vernacular landscapes and historic preservation, you will find this well-designed book a welcome addition to your library.”—Montana the Magazine of Western History,

<“Picturing the Past is a well-written, attractive, and informative book that conveys South Dakota's rich heritage.”—Mary W. Edmonds, former South Carolina Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

In nearly every South Dakota community, historic houses, government buildings, or commercial blocks stand as icons of our past. Picturing the Past captures the memories and personal history within South Dakota’s historic buildings in seventy-eight dramatic black-and-white photographs. Jay D. Vogt and Stephen C. Rogers provide context and relevance to the buildings and places depicted in Scott Myers’s vivid images.

These sites are the physical remnants of South Dakota’s history—the tangible evidence of life on the Great Plains. In a new afterword, Vogt looks at what has happened since the book was first published nearly fifteen years ago.