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Katz Krazee Good Soaps
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Katz Krazee Good Soaps
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Your skin is your largest organ, what absorbs eventually gets into your bloodstream. Natural and organic is always best. This is real soap, not a detergent bar from the grocery store. You will feel the difference. Using only the finest quality blends of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, argon oil, palm oil, castor oil, hemp oil, shea butter, glycerin and goats milk-allows fir a mild bar of soap. Free of detergents, these products allow for excellent lathering, moisturizing and cleansing abilities. Shaving and shampooing is also a pleasure using one of these bars.

Available in these scents: Squeeze me please and make me wine, Luv Yur Face, La Fiesta, Soothing Sandalwood, Sexy stranger on a Train, Lilly of the Valley, Oatmeal Milk N Honey, Violets N Roses, Viva La Juicy, Black Cherry Bomb, Enchanted Apple, Honeymoon Romance, Honey I Washed the Kids, Satsuma, Peachy Keen, Sudsie Brewskie, Cherry Almond, Cool Dude in a Bar, Pucker Up (Lemon), Sweet Orange & Cranberry, Positive Energy and PS I Love You.