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Honorees for Statewide Honor Wall

A gift has been made to the Her Vote. Her Voice. campaign on behalf of the following women to amplify women's voices to honor the past, inform the present, and inspire the future. Thank you to all of our donors!

Statewide Honorees

Erika Anderson

Ann Mines-Bailey

Linda Barker

Lynn Bowers - Second female Chief Probation Officer for the District of South Dakota

Kelsey Evans Bunkers

Terryl Caldwell - First female Chief Probation Officer for the District of South Dakota

Janet Schreier Chamblin

Cindy Christianson

Katie Connell - My daughter beats to the sound of her own drum. I can’t wait to see how she impacts our state’s history.

Carla Kock Cushman

Carla Dedula

Louise (Billie) Dougherty*

Delia Druley

Veronica Duffy - First female U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge

Helene Duhamel

Ione Fejfar - Ione has been a community supporter of many projects in Custer and an inspiration to many women. Her work with Opertation Black Hills Cabin has neem a gift to hundreds of veterans and their families. 

Shirley Jameson-Fergel - Shirley has served the South Dakota Supreme Court for several years with insight, professionalism, and wit. Her institutional knowledge must be unmatched. But more importantly, her kindness that she has endowed to me during and after my clerkship is what resonates.

Dorothy Ann Finck

Lauren Forsch - Lauren is a rock star.  She has passionately committed her time and talent to help shape the Her Vote. Her Voice. campaign to raise funds to preserve important moments in history. Her efforts help to ensure that women’s critical efforts are recorded and not written out of history.

Audrey Wernecke Grosshuesch, Hilda Grosshuesch Baltzer, and Clara Schnuelle Grosshuesch - On behalf of our family, we’re honoring three very special women, out mother, aunt, and grandmother. Each was resilient and of strong character, making possible the raising of families, performing myriad tasks and jobs necessary to farm life, and participating in the spiritual formation of their children.

Mary Alice Haug - Mary Alice has been a pioneer for women in the areas of education, literature, and creative writing. She inspires all of the men and women in her family to be inclusive and engage in critical thinking. Her daughter and nieces love her to pieces.

Kelly Herrmann

Lorna Buntrock Herseth

Alayna Holmstrom

Gina Hopkins

Myrna Hunhoff

Mabel Wilkins Jacobsen-In honor of my grandmother, a homesteader, storekeeper and postmaster at Castle Rock, Butte County, SD. Upon her passing, a Belle Fourche newspaper editor wrote: "Mrs. Jacobsen served as postmaster there for 34 years, from 1914 to 1948. Never were the doors locked at the Jacobsen store, never was a person turned away. In the days of horse-drawn freighters from Whitewood and Belle Fourche, the Jacobsen place was a road ranch where drivers put up for the night, enjoyed Mrs. Jacobsen's fine meals, clean beds and the Jacobsen hospitality."

Sandra Schreier Jameson

Ardell Johnson - Ardell is a life long South Dakotan who cares deeply about her community.

Kathryn Johnson

Victoria Kingslien - Vikki returned to South Dakota after her retirement and brings a wealth of knowledge to every organization she has joined.

Angela Lammers - Angela Lammers contributes greatly to our community through her own business, leadership on multiple community-related boards, and never-ending support for her community. She inspires deep intellectual conversation, social justice, and joy in those she meets.

Gladys Larsen*

Michelle Lavallee - First female CEO of South Dakota Children’s Home Society

Shelly Marguiles

Kelly Maxwell

Trish McCann - Trish McCann has left an indelible mark on Midco. A selfless leader, Trish has empowered, developed and recognized countless people inside and outside Midco. She created an environment for inclusion and collective excellence. Trish is the standard. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, Trish!

Dani McQuillen

Hannah Moravec

Kandace Mullivan

Pam Nelson

Ruth Parry

Debra Peterson

Angeline Crowner Pots - My grandmother (Angeline - “ANGIE” - CROWNER) arrived in Mobridge, SD in the early 1900’s, as a young woman, and a graduate NURSE. She had been recruited to serve as a Superintendent of Nurses for the Milwaukee Railroad Hospital in Mobridge, SD. She eventually (1916) married my grandfather, William Potts, who was a young lawyer and homesteader in the Mobridge area. They raised 5 children in Mobridge...all attended - and graduated from Mobridge High School and all later graduated from Yankton College (S.Dakota). My Grandmother was an INCREDIBLE inspiration to ME - and to ALL those she encountered. She was not only well-educated, She was well-read, intellectually curious, and among the most COMPASSIONATE people I have EVER encountered. Angie Potts was engaged in various (and numerous) community organizations, and contributed immensely to the educational and musical life of her community.

Molly Quinn

Alison Ramsdell

Meghan Woster Roche

Sarah Shaeffer

Linda Schreier

Maysie Schreier*

Brooke Schmidt

Judy Schwerin

Abby Schulte - In honor of my sister, a young nurse on the front lines of a global pandemic

Mallory Schulte

Carolynn Stavenger

Jenny Stevens

June Thormosgard

Nicole Tupman

M. Bernadette Usera - M. Bernadette Usera (aka Bernie) was born in Valentine, Nebraska during the 1949 Blizzard. She is the youngest of 8 children born to a first-generation Polish immigrant, whose family homesteaded in Yankton County. Bernie lived in Mission, South Dakota and graduated from St. Francis Mission. As an adult, she was focused on raising her three children, and was able to achieve an Associates Degree, being one of the few in her family who achieved a college education. She became the first woman in her family to run for political office. She was elected and served on the Sturgis City Council. She continues to be an advocate for women's equality in her community and church. She is a role model for many young women who aspire to live up to her legacy.

Marilyn Van Demark

Summer Wakefield

Kea Warne - Kea works tirelessly in the Elections division of the SD Secretary of State's office. She helps candidates, state officials, legislators, and county auditors understand and execute election laws and statutes. She has been a champion of the elections process in SD for years.

Judith Zeigler Wehrkamp

Terry Whiting - Terry is a dedicated volunteer in Rapid City and a wonderful role model.

Claire Wilka

Kathleen "Kitty" Wilka

Marilyn - In honor of our wonderful mother who is incredibly hardworking and passionate and fights for the voices of women every day in her work in a male-dominated industry, providing safe spaces, emotional support, and mentor to women across the country.