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Statewide Honor Wall

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Statewide Honor Wall

Funding women's history initiatives will amplify women's voices to honor the past, inform the present, and inspire the future.  We will capture stories of our great grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters. Scroll down the page to learn more about the HerVote. Her Voice. celebration or honor a woman who has impacted our state's history through the Statewide Honor Wall.

STATEWIDE HONOR WALL Lift up a woman who has impacted South Dakota’s history, past, present or future to be a part of our statewide Honor Wall. The wall will be available online throughout 2020 and will be showcased at Her Vote. Her Voice. signature events on August 18 in Pierre, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls.

For each contribution of $100, we will list the name of a woman who you feel has impacted South Dakota's history.   

Yes! I want to add a deserving woman to the statewide honor wall!

Thank you to those who have already contributed!

"On behalf of the family, with this $300 contribution to Her Vote. Her Voice. we're honoring three very special women, our mother, aunt, and grandmother. Each was resilient and of strong character, making possible the raising of families, performing myriad tasks and jobs necessary to farm life, and participating in the spiritual formation of their children."

"In honor of my grandmother, the first woman to serve as a nurse in South Dakota. She was breaking barriers before women had the vote."

"My daughter beats to the sound of her own drum. I can't wait to see how she impacts our state's history."



While contributions of any amount are appreciated,
a minimum contribution of $100 for each name is
necessary in order to appear on Statewide Honor Wall.

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Her Vote. Her Voice.
Celebrating courageous suffragists who made votes for women possible

We are approaching the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment granting equal voting rights for women in the United States.  Help us to tell the story of the courageous suffragists who made votes for women possible. To celebrate the anniversaries of women gaining the right to vote, we have launched a statewide women's history initiative caller Her Vote. Her Voice. that explores the generations-long fight for universal woman suffrage.  

GOALS Our women's history initiative goal is to raise $1 million by January 2021 with the South Dakota Historical Society Foundation to support South Dakota women's history initiatives.

Money raised by the foundation will support the South Dakota Historical Society and Foundation through the following history projects:

Suffragist Artifacts 
Her Vote. Her Voice. will promote the call for South Dakota women’s history materials in order to grow and strengthen the collection in our state. These donations will help create more robust exhibits, education programs, and scholarly research opportunities.

SD Historical Society Oral Histories
Funds raised through Her Vote. Her Voice. will kick off a three-year Oral History Project by the South Dakota State Historical Society to research and professionally interview South Dakotans whose personal experiences will highlight important parts of our state's history, with more than half of all interviewees being women in South Dakota.

Marketing & Communicating SD History Stories
The South Dakota Historical Society Foundation will raise funds to increase its capacity to leverage technology to communicate, educate, share South Dakota’s history, as well as to connect with our state's residents.

Advocacy & Awareness The funds raised will support efforts to build advocacy and awareness giving the public opportunities to engage with history as they make an impact on their own communities. Earning the right to vote gives everyone a right to have their voices be heard and the ability to be recognized as helping shape SD’s own history every day.

Matching Endowment Gifts To match funds used for important women's history initiatives, these donations will help ensure the South Dakota State Historical Society will continue to collect, preserve, and share South Dakota's history for generations to come. Donations are managed to provide income in perpetuity and to allow the investments to grow in value, thereby increasing in value through an endowment over time.