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Donate | Women's Suffrage Artifacts

Official program woman suffrage procession March 3 1913

Preserve Artifacts Showing Women's Influence on SD History

SUFFRAGE ARTIFACTS  In the South Dakota state archives, we have very few artifacts showing women’s influence on our state’s history. The main items include traditional kitchen materials and clothing. Women contributed to the home, government, their local communities, and businesses in diverse ways, but we’re missing the proof of their impact. Important moments of South Dakota women’s history are in danger of being forgotten.  Women’s history papers/records and artifacts are encouraged, especially involving women’s suffrage, in order to grow and strengthen the collection in our state. These donations will help create more robust exhibits, education programs, and scholarly research opportunities.  Items selected for the collection and preservation will require processing, at times digitization, and storage now and into the future.

Campaign contributions will help to collect and properly preserve important artifacts that represent the impact of South Dakota women. 

GOAL $50,000

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