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Thank you to our volunteers

Volunteer Appreciation Event April 2015

Volunteer Appreciation Event April 2014

In 2014, approximately 38 people donated 3,127 hours of their time at the Cultural Heritage Center and Heritage Store at the Capitol.

Thank you to the volunteers who donated 100 hours or more of their time at the Culural Heritage Center or Heritage Store at the Capitol in 2014. There are 16 people who donated 100 hours or more last year.

Volunteers honored for their years of service:

Cultural Heritage Center would like to acknowledge two more people who are important to us: Carolyn Aske and Al Meier. They work at the Heritage store and the Capitol Store through the Experience Works program.

Also important to the operation of the Cultural Heritage Center are our weekend staff members: Carolyn Coonrod, Layna Darling, Laurel Darling, Andy Deis, Jan Deis, Bobbi Galinat-Paul, Cathi Lester, Sami Paul, Doris Powell and Ruth Rehn.